Hue at Night

View from our hotel room balcony in Hue. The morning light reveals a different tone– it will be the first image in the next post.

Da Nang, Hue & The Perfume River

Day 9– You will notice a break in the description below, with my casual thoughts included in bold. The rest of the description came from the Friendly Planet itinerary. After breakfast, transfer to the airport for your flight to Da Nang on the coast of the South China Sea. I threw up on the plane…

Mekong Delta

Day 8- Part 2 Friendly Planet Itinerary: Continue to Cai Be and embark on a private cruise to the colorful Cai Be floating market. Transfer to smaller boats for a ride through the beautiful canals of Tan Phong island, and then enjoy lunch at Anh Kiet ancient house. Continue by boat to visit a handicraft…

Cao Dai Temple

Day 8– Part 1 This temple was so vibrant and beautiful, I needed to give it it’s own post. From the itinerary: Depart this morning for Cai Be, deep in the heart of the Mekong Delta. En route, stop at Cao Dai Temple to witness firsthand a fascinating fusion of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, native Vietnamese spiritualism,…

Cu Chi Tunnels

Day 7– Flying back in time to Spring 2013. More accurate itinerary, thanks to the folks at Friendly Planet: After breakfast, drive to the Cu Chi Tunnels, begun by the Viet Minh in the 1940’s. The incredible network of tunnels once stretched for 210 miles and contained extensive Viet Cong infrastructure including tactical quarters, storage…

John Muir Trail

Six friends. 170 miles. Charged a bear. Avoided the plague. Pushed physical limitations. Experienced my first blister within a blister. Saw some of the most gorgeous wilderness in the world. We set out to tackle 220 miles of the John Muir Trail, which was unfortunately cut short due to the Rough Fire. Thank you Sarah for…

Blood Moon

Back in April, shot from my backyard.    

Anza Borrego

While California is experiencing a terrible draught, we took an off-roading and camping adventure to the heart of the desert in Anza Borrego.

Siem Reap, Tonle Sap and Ho Chi Minh City

Made it to Day 6! Last day in Cambodia. First day in Vietnam. From the itinerary: Depart Siem Reap to visit Lake Tonle Sap, South East Asia’s largest freshwater lake. During the dry season the lake is roughly 2500 square kilometers, swelling to about 4 times its size during the wet season. Board a boat and…

Cambodia + Vietnam

Thousands of photos to look through. Each shot sharing a moment from this lifetime adventure with my dad. Here are the first three days of our trip. I hope to come back and share my memories of these places once I post the remaining ELEVEN days. Enjoy and I hope it inspires you to travel…

Sierras at Night

It was freezing but heartwarming to be back home for the holidays. Here’s one shot from 5 min up the road.

Double Rainbow

Surprised to come home to see 3 firetrucks at the house next door. Luckily everything seemed to be alright in retrospect and I was just as shocked to see a double rainbow taking over the sky. Enjoy!