Champa Kingdom

Day 11– Part 2: My Son, Champa Kingdom

I’m so glad we signed up for this optional excursion (why wouldn’t we go?).

Enjoy an optional half day trip to visit the capital and religious center of the former Champa Kingdom, My Son. Here, 40km southwest of Hoi An in a lush green valley, are dozens of red brick towers and sanctuaries dating from between the 7th and 13th centuries. Unfortunately a large area is destroyed from the Vietnam War bombings. Sad to see such incredible history be obliterated. There is some amount of refurbishing happening– you’ll notice it in the closeup shot of the brick. Part of the brick is original, and the other is new but meant to look authentic.

We also saw a musical and dance performance. The man playing the recorder-looking instrument could hold a note for FOREVER. Circular breathing. And pretty ladies, with super flexible hands.

What are you thinking?

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