Zurich –> Lauterbrunnen –> Jungfrau –> Oeschinen Lake

Switzerland is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The trains make it incredibly easy to get around. I definitely recommend taking the train over driving. Use the SBB mobile app to stay on top of departure times, changing platforms and upcoming stops. Because we were new to the area and don’t speak German, French or Italian we thought it would be best to talk with the ticket officers at the stations. They were so nice and very helpful. They will let you know which special offers are best for your trip. It saved us quite a bit of money.

Lauterbrunnen. WOW is all we could say. One of my best friends (who was also my travel companion) discovered this little town years ago online and has had her heart set on it ever since. It translates to “many fountains” which seems understated when you see its 72 towering waterfalls throughout the valley. If you’re there in the off-season make sure to make a reservation for dinner. Only two restaurants were open, and very crowded in the evenings. There’s a grocery store where you can stock up on snacks and lunch foods.

Additional details to come post Christmas!

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