Zurich –> Lauterbrunnen –> Jungfrau –> Oeschinen Lake Switzerland is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The trains make it incredibly easy to get around. I definitely recommend taking the train over driving. Use the SBB mobile app to stay on top of departure times, changing platforms and upcoming stops. Because we were new…

Big Sur

The California wildfires have traumatized much of the state. We decided to take a quick weekend getaway to Big Sur, which surprisingly was also affected by the smoke. It was still a beautiful escape.  

Surreal Moonlight

One of my favorite things about the Owens Valley is how many stars you can see. Since it was nearly full moon the stars weren’t as visible, however it made for some fun messing around with long exposure shots. Can look like daytime but with stars.

Fall Colors in the Sierras

Took a quick weekend trip up to the Sierras to take in the beautiful fall colors. I love the surprise and fleeting nature of fall. As I stopped by each of my favorite places, some leaves hadn’t changed, others had already lost their leaves and some were in full vibrant color changing mode. Many yellows,…