Cambodia + Vietnam

Thousands of photos to look through. Each shot sharing a moment from this lifetime adventure with my dad. Here are the first three days of our trip. I hope to come back and share my memories of these places once I post the remaining ELEVEN days. Enjoy and I hope it inspires you to travel…

Sierras at Night

It was freezing but heartwarming to be back home for the holidays. Here’s one shot from 5 min up the road.

Double Rainbow

Surprised to come home to see 3 firetrucks at the house next door. Luckily everything seemed to be alright in retrospect and I was just as shocked to see a double rainbow taking over the sky. Enjoy!

Peru: Cusco, the Incan Trail and Machu Picchu

What an unforgettable experience. Our 4 day trek along the Incan Trail in August was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. It was so rewarding, backpacking with friends from college along with meeting new faces. Without the ambient city light I was able to capture my favorite star photography to date (holy…

Emigrant Wilderness

Recapping on a kick-butt 4th of July hike with my friend Sarah. Thanks to her suggestion, I avoided binge drinking and getting sunburnt, left the city and headed for the wilderness. We drove up to Kennedy Meadows and backpacked into the mountains. The second half of the trek was off trail but we  had a…

Abstract Skies

Tonight I was taking photos from a pier and the beach. There’s quite a bit of light pollution here, but it turned into an abstract experiment. The spec information is incorrect in the footnotes for these because the lens is fully manual and does not communicate that info to the camera. I haven’t looked into downloading the…

Owens River

Part of the series I’m putting together is from my fishing trip with my dad this summer. Here’s a shot of the Owens River, where I had better luck getting bit by mosquitos than catching fish 🙂 This was my first trip fly fishing. What an art form! Much respect to those who can successfully…

Home Sweet Home

I traveled back home in late March. The valley is so beautiful, it’s not until I left that I gained the hindsight to understand how rare that is. I’ll be updating this album, here are some samples.

Big Sur Sunrise

Reminiscing of the fun weekend adventure to Big Sur in January.

Mule Days

Also will add a few gems from the trip back home in May for the Mule Days parade.  

Rainy Day

Reflecting on a beautiful rainy day.