Early this year I booked a trip to Tahiti, and the last week of March I found myself on the white sand beaches of Moorea. The turquoise water was as calm as a swimming pool, the unique reef and lagoon architecture protects the beaches from waves.

The history of French Polynesia is worth researching– from the native cultures forced to change their practices (including cannibalism and religion) back when Europeans came over, to the rapid introduction of technology to a community that didn’t have access to electricity until about 30 years ago (so I was told by locals). There is only one natural lagoon on Moorea, the rest were the result of bombs dropped during WWII. Some people on the island still live without electricity. There was a stark contrast between the tourist life and local living. While the island depends on tourism, I  was told alcoholism and diabetes among locals is on the rise. [Disclaimer: This information comes from various guides I talked with on the island and I have not fact checked.]

It was an interesting trip going alone, especially to a honeymoon destination. The benefit of traveling solo is that I connect more genuinely with the people around me, like the boat crews, tour guides and resort staff. There were 100 weird looks I got for going by myself, but hey… gotta get out and see the world.

Photos below of SCUBA diving were taken by the dive master. I was incredibly rusty and was worried I was going to make a critical error, so I left my camera on board to concentrate on…living.

Resorts and food are very expensive, and there are not any convenient grocery stores to go to. The cheapest thing on the menu was beer and fries, which I ate for lunch everyday. Treated myself to a 5 course meal and champagne for my 29th birthday. My bungalow was on land, but of course had to explore the over-water bungalows, they were beautiful and offered a good vantage point for the stars at night. I was old and fell asleep by 9pm most nights, but did make it out for a few to see the constellations. It was a good trip!

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    Spectacular photos!!!

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