Big Sur

The California wildfires have traumatized much of the state. We decided to take a quick weekend getaway to Big Sur, which surprisingly was also affected by the smoke. It was still a beautiful escape.  


Early this year I booked a trip to Tahiti, and the last week of March I found myself on the white sand beaches of Moorea. The turquoise water was as calm as a swimming pool, the unique reef and lagoon architecture protects the beaches from waves. The history of French Polynesia is worth researching– from the…

Hue & Hoi An

Day 10– Thank you Friendly Planet for doing the heavy lifting with the descriptions. I’m going to continue to chime in, in bold. The rest is all you: This morning, visit the walled Citadel containing the Imperial City, modeled on the Forbidden City of Beijing, and the Purple Forbidden City within, former home of the…

Da Nang, Hue & The Perfume River

Day 9– You will notice a break in the description below, with my casual thoughts included in bold. The rest of the description came from the Friendly Planet itinerary. After breakfast, transfer to the airport for your flight to Da Nang on the coast of the South China Sea. I threw up on the plane…

Big Sur Sunrise

Reminiscing of the fun weekend adventure to Big Sur in January.