Fall Colors in the Sierras

Took a quick weekend trip up to the Sierras to take in the beautiful fall colors. I love the surprise and fleeting nature of fall. As I stopped by each of my favorite places, some leaves hadn’t changed, others had already lost their leaves and some were in full vibrant color changing mode. Many yellows,…

John Muir Trail (Last 100 Miles)

Last August we ventured out to hike the John Muir Trail, 220 miles through the Eastern Sierras crossing from Yosemite to Mt. Whitney. We encountered many unexpected obstacles, including a bear encounter the first night (she came back 3 times), threat of the plague and wild fires. The Rough Fire became the biggest threat and…

Sierras at Night

It was freezing but heartwarming to be back home for the holidays. Here’s one shot from 5 min up the road.

Peru: Cusco, the Incan Trail and Machu Picchu

What an unforgettable experience. Our 4 day trek along the Incan Trail in August was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. It was so rewarding, backpacking with friends from college along with meeting new faces. Without the ambient city light I was able to capture my favorite star photography to date (holy…

Home Sweet Home

I traveled back home in late March. The valley is so beautiful, it’s not until I left that I gained the hindsight to understand how rare that is. I’ll be updating this album, here are some samples.